1st Annual International Ebo (Igbo) Landing Project

Dear Reader,

We are bringing together native born Africans and the African Diaspora to participate in a ritual cleansing from the stigma of slavery and Atonement for the abomination of slavery and to bring back and rematriate the souls of the martyred heroes of Igbo Landing and all the spirits of captive Africans through a symbolic burial, returning their souls to their original land in the sacred waters of Omambala, in Igbo Land, Nigeria. Diasporic Africans are gathering to make reconciliation and atonement to facilitate the reconnection of the African Diaspora to their ancestral land, culture, and spirituality.

Gregory University is the venue and we invite scholars and professionals working on all aspects of returning Africans from the Diaspora and the Igbo people of Southeastern Nigeria. It also includes other research interests focusing on African American and African research. This announcement is a call to submit papers, conduct panels, posters and/or roundtable proposals for the 1st Annual International ELP Conference to be held on November 17-18, 2015. Submitted papers will be published in a book of essays. It is expected that through this annual conference event, scholars and experts will gather to deliberate on diverse facets of the ELP and explore ways of reintegrating the returning Diasporic Africans to African soil. The conference theme for 2016, In Search of The Missing Cord, reflects the bourgeoning awakening of Diasporic Africans of Igbo descent to get back home in Africa and get reintegrated with their Igbo roots.