Malachi, Another Igbo Prophet

After having successfully decoded the name of the prophet Ezechiel (Eze-Chi-Ele[1]), and the coded meaning of the word Israel (Isi-Ora-Ele [2]), another Hebrew prophet has been identifed as having an Igbo code name.

According to the scriptures, when the first Israelites returned to Judea from their captivity in Babylon, over time, moral and spiritual laxity, pride, indifference, permissiveness, and skepticism were gradually growing among them.

It was during this period that Malachi was sent by G-d to instruct and guide them towards a more pure life. Malachi spoke out against the priesthood, as well as against these ungrateful people of G-d.

The Book of Malachi is placed as the last book of the Neviim (prophets) section in the Jewish Tanakh, which also makes it the last book in the Old Testament in English Bibles. According to official records, the word "Malachi" simply means "My [that is, God’s] messenger." But it is also speculated that this form would of itself hardly be appropriate as a proper name without some additional syllable such as Yah, whence mal'akhiah, i.e. "messenger of Elohim".

However, if we split the name Malachi into three segments (one prefix and two suffixes) and translate their meaning into Igbo language what we get is: Mma/Ma (another Igbo word for "mother") – Ala (the name of Igbo earth goddess) – Chi ("spirit being," or "the spirit of G-d in man"). The coded meaning of the name Malachi can thus be understood as "Mother–Earth–Spirit," or, more precisly, "Spirit of the Earth Mother Goddess".

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