Dr. Sidney Louis Davis, Jun. (ThD) - President and Lead Director, NAGAS 

Sidney Louis Davis, Jr.,  (Prince Eluemuno I of Iduu Eri Kingdom) born in Kittery, Maine, USA is a retired decorated U.S. Navy Petty Officer Corpsman. He received his B.S. in Liberal Sciences from the University of the State of New York (Albany, NY 1990), Master of Arts in Jewish Studies from Hebrew College (Newton, MA 2010), and was awarded his Doctorate in Indigenous African Studies from the Pilgrims University and Theological Seminary, Aba Campus, Abia State Nigeria (2013), for his work as co-author of Eden In Sumer on the Niger. He is a researcher and lecturer of African History, Pre-History, Black/African Judaism, and African Spirituality. He is a Research Fellow at the Catherine Acholonu Research Center for African Cultural Studies (CARC), President and CEO of NAGAS International Consortium, Inc. and the USA Director of the Ebo (Igbo) Landing Project, Inc.


Lyndia C. Duru - General Director, NAGAS

Lyndia C. Duru was born in Owerri Imo State. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Imo State University (IMSU 2008). She is the General Director of NAGAS International Consortium, Inc. USA, the Office Manager of Niger Association of Global Africana Sciences (NAGAS), and the Nigerian General Director of the Ebo (Igbo) Landing Project


Dr. Anthony Oha - The Director of Research and Documentation

Dr. Anthony Chukwuemeka Oha is a senior academic, creative writer, newspaper columnist and human rights/ civil society activist. He is an ambidextrous and well-travelled scholar with researches in English Linguistics, African Literature, Fundamental Studies and Onomastic Science. He was the Editor-in-Chief of Biudiscourse: Journal of Arts and Education and a member of many journal boards including ThirdSpace: Journal of Gender Studies in USA. He was the organizer of Catherine Acholonu International conferences which held in many parts of Nigeria. He was a member of the Ebo (Igbo) Landing Project team in Nigeria. Dr. Oha is a Senior Research Fellow in Catherine Acholonu Research Centre for African Studies; the Secretary General of International Human Rights Observatory (IHRO), West African Region and the President of Nigeria Onomastic Society (NOS). He is presently a visiting senior academic fellow in some universities in India. 


Research Fellow and Lead Researcher at Dan Baki Pyramid Project

Dr. Mater Souley Garba is the founder and President of the Foundation Bakan - Guizo of Egyptology  (Fondation Bakan-Guizo d'Egyptologie 2013). Dr. Garba is a Nigerian Egyptologist and specialist of hieroglyphs. He is an independent researcher in Egyptology, Archaeology, Geology, Linguistics, Astronomy , Astro-meteorology, and Astro-physics.  He lectures on the linguistic kinship between the ancient Egyptian and Hausa languages. He has held conferences around the world in Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, India, USA,  France and Greece. In February 2012 he discovered of the circular pyramid of Dan-Baki at Zinder – Niger Republic.


Mamoudou Sanounou Ibrahim, Research Fellow

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Gary S. Smith Jr., Research Fellow

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Jasper O. Ahamefula, Research Affiliate

Jasper O. Ahamefula is a gradute of Business Studies at Kano State Polytechnic Nigeria. He is a student and friend of late Dr. Catherine Acholonu and research fellow of the Catherine Acholonu Research Center For African Cultural Studies (CARC). In 2012 he attended an interreligious conference between African Traditional Religion and Christianity organised by the Catholic Church and CARC. He is a contributor to Catherine Acholonu's latest book Eden in Sumer on the Niger.